Air Purifiers - General information

Another air purifier which is ideal for change of season flu and colds, and will have a ready market with the very young or the more elderly of us is the Dr USB Air Purifier.

Dr USB, we are very excited about this product as it doesn’t only look stylish and upmarket, but it offers the user a chance to carry an air purifier with them to clean the air in the home (via any USB connection), office (at your workstation via your laptop or PC) AND in the car (via your cars USB connection). Please note the following:

Key features include:

- Plasma Ionizer with USB connection

- Convenient, compact and entirely portable – easily carried in handbags, briefcases, etc.

- Plug in and plays automatically

- Covers up to 10M2

- Runs near to silent

- Collects bacteria, mould, dust, VOC’s, odours, and even removes smoke

- Can remove particles below 0.3 micron

- Low running costs at less than 1.5W

- No filter to change

- Comes with cleaning brush and USB cable

The Dr USB Ionizer is designed to shower your living or workspace with the cleanest and freshest air, producing an anion density of 1 million parts per cubic meter, neutralizing airborne particles like dust, mould, pollen, and removing unpleasant odours. Users just plug the unit into their PCs or other USB connections and they work automatically. Brilliant on the road, in the office or right next to you in the study, this USB powered air purifier provides a breath of soothing freshness at a moment's notice.

The Dr USB Ionizer is compact, stylishly designed and aimed to fit into the most discerning environment. It comes in blue, green, orange or pink.

Air Purifier Features