Live steam humidifier (EDS type) - by Anstan Technologies

A Proudly South African product designed to give the best quality steam absorption into the air. The EDS series are light weight units for steam pressures up to 4 bar. Excellent control.

Live steam humidifiers : Series EDS humidifiers are manufactured in stainless steel to Anstan's copyright design which includes a steam jacketed manifold and noise damping chamber. They deliver an excellent quality dry steam. A multiple manifold system is used for very high capacities.

Supply steam enters the humidifier and flows along the outer steam jacketed portion of the manifold. Any condensate thet is formed is trapped and discharged. The steam enters the control valve at supply pressure and is discharged into the atmospheric pressure portion of the humidifier via the heated sound damping chamber. Excellent absorption into the air is obtained as the droplet free steam leaves the humidifier. The optional temperature monitoring switch overrides the control valve signal allowing it to operate only when the system is hot. This ensures a safe start-up.

  • Manufactured to meet any capacity requirement and application
  • Very long service life materials
  • If required, the humidifier can be withdrawn from the duct easily.
  • All Stainless steel body
  • Steam jacked manifold
  • Dry steam discharge


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    Enquiries 073 230 7783