The Anstan split bottle is our own specifically designed openable steam generation tank. After many hours put into the research the strengths and weaknesses of such tanks, we decided to design our own. We believe that if you can’t find anything better on the market, then why not create the best yourself.

Being Anstan made, we guarantee that it will improve the overall productivity of your humidity systems, and will ensure that the air quality is high. Humidification is not something to be taken lightly as it can ensure health is kept as a priority.  Without humidity, people can develop chest infections, or other issues, especially when working in harsh conditions in factories.

The split bottle is made to be fast cleaning which means that only the best quality water will be used to create steam. The better the water, the better the air and the overall quality of humidity. We utilise heavy duty genuine electrodes in our system, boosting the standard even more.

The electrodes, which used welded stainless steel pins with threaded terminals, improve the efficiency of the entire system, and therefore the output.

On top of this, the split bottle is able to last up to six years before needing to be replaced.  Other types of openable steam generation tanks have not been able to reach this longterm lifespan.

We also use specifically designed soft silicon o rings as well feel that they are more effective. They are also reusable, something which helps in decreasing the overall environmental impact.

The split bottle uses a reliable power connection, where faults or malfunctions are almost impossible. They are also low maintenance, adding to the fact that they have longevity, up to six years.

The low maintenance ensures that downtime is kept very low, improving productivity, while also decreasing repair costs.

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