Do Large Bore Drain Valves Have Advantages?

You can be the judge.

They handle grit and dirt particles, resisting drain valve blockage.

Large bore means a faster flow velocity, which prevents accumulation of scale in the piping.

This is enhanced by the scouring action of the fast flow.

ANSTAN “RU/PSA” drain valves all have DC coils which are more robust against burnout than AC are.

The discharge flow does not come into contact with working parts, so grit does not have a negative effect. They seal well because of a thick, soft silicon rubber bellows head.

Larger models use a normally open valve. This means that the steam generator drains its dirty water automatically on power failure, and gives you a nice smooth start up too, when power is restored.

Orifice Sizes

All PSA models are now fitted with a 22mm drain valve, larger models are also fitted with a pump.

So let's check this out:

  • They handle dirt and grit well
  • The piping is less likely to clog up
  • D.C. coils give better service
  • They seal well
  • No hassles with power failures

ANSTAN gives YOU the benefit, without a doubt.

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