External High Water Level Control

The external high level control means a bit more trouble for us but ensures a better performance. And that, after all, is what we want to give you.

Why use an external high water level control?

The function is to prevent water overflow from the steam-generating tank.

This usually occurs on start-up when the cold water conductivity is low, or when the electrodes have eroded away or else are encased in scale.

Most manufacturers use one or two pins mounted at the top of the tank, which provide a signal when the water reaches the high level.

When this occurs voltage is fed to the control board, which then closes the water inlet valve.

However, with the normal production of steam, dirt in the water is splashed into the sensing pins, which in turn also causes a wet conductive surface on the steam generator walls.

This results in trace voltages activating the high water level control even when the water level is normal, closing the water supply valve.

The RH set point is not maintained.

The advantage of the Anstan external high water level control unit is that it is clear of the deposits that cause false signals, ensuring a better performance.

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