Electrode Humidifiers - by Anstan Technologies

What makes the ANSTAN electrode humidifier the humidifier to purchase:

Anstan electrode humidifier is South African manufactured - which means that currency fluctuations have minimal influence
Anstan electrode humidifier is low maintenance and spares cost. A full steam test on every humidifier
Anstan electrode humidifier uses high quality materials and workmanship
Anstan electrode humidifier has openable and cleanable steam generating tanks.(bottles) When split hasn't torn it
Anstan electrode humidifier electrodes are 2 mm thick solid stainless steel.
Anstan electrode humidifier have large bore drain valves 22 mm with 70% full bore flow, and are a normally open type with DC coils. Do large bore drain valves have advantages
Anstan electrode humidifier steam generating tanks (bottles) have a woven stainless steel screen with 4.7 mm aperture or larger.
Anstan electrode humidifier is suitable for modulating control.
Anstan electrode humidifier has an external high water level indicator. Anstan external high water level control
Anstan electrode humidifier fascia indicates power on, tank full, interlock activation, high duct RH indication, fill and drain valve activation, diagnostic fill and drain activation, and signal demand to the humidifier.
Anstan electrode humidifier is suitable for successful use with the AQUA ANSTAN electronic descaling unit.
Anstan electrode humidifier is a Proudly South African product with at least 90% local content.

Electrode humidifiers are one of the most popular and one of the best humidifiers which you can purchase. We have chosen to supply these humidifiers because of the fact that it is highly dependable and high quality.

On top of this, they are efficient and do not require much, if any, maintenance in order to function on a longterm basis. If you are looking for a reliable humidifier, then a great choice would be to purchase an electrode humidifier.

They are not only reliable, they are safe, and they provide quality humidity, which sets it apart from other humidifiers. On top of this, they have a lot of other advantages which take them to the next level.

The system uses the generation of the flow of electrons in order to heat up water, using electrical resistance. What this means is that it is able to quickly and effectively create the necessary steam  for the space which it will humidify.

The state of the art system is designed in order to provide humidity in a short space of time and for a multitude of spaces, ranging from small to large.

It is top quality and will ensure that you will not have to repair or maintain it mutual times, decreasing the cost of repairs and maintenance.

This also decrease the amount of downtime you will need, which ensures that your business can maintain, or even increase, your productivity. All you have to do is swap in new steam cylinders to get the system working again. However, these cylinders can last a lifetime which ensures the quality stays high.

The system itself is time efficient and will keep the quality of the water which it is using high, which therefore keeps the air quality high. If you want to guarantee the best air and humidity in your space, purchasing this system is a great idea.

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