Why AQUA ANSTAN electronic scale prevention units?

We design and develop systems such as the scale prevention unit which is not only of a high quality, but also highly innovative and groundbreaking. With its unique design, we have been able to guarantee results as soon as possible, and even with the most difficult cases.

We are also proud that our design cannot be equalled by our competitors and will do the job so well there will be no way for you to disagree. We have spent many hours designing and devoting this industrial system in order to improve your space.

The system uses an alternating digital pulse, which ranges across 20kHz, varying in strength.  What this does is ensure that the system is able to remove, and also prevent scale from being produced.

Scale fouling, which is the accumulation of unwanted material found on the surface of different items, is something which can affect the quality of your business. It can be living organisms, but can also be crystallisation of solid salts, oxides and hydroxides from solutions.

Aesthetically it is not good but it is also not good in terms of the overall efficiency of the tasks which you want to accomplish.

Scale prevention units will be used in order to prevent the scale formation, while removing the existing scale from the surface as well. Our design life is also able toe exceed 20 years, with a non-intrusive form of installation.

On top of this, there is the added benefit of there being no need for any maintenance. This means that there will be no downtime for repairs and your business can function as normal. Productivity may even be able to improve, something which we will be glad to hear.

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