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Industries with a Need for Humidity Control

Humidifiers have many applications, and have been used to improve the indoor air quality of homes, businesses, factories and various other spaces for years now.

Though there are some industries out there that consider the need for humidity control as an essential part of their operations. In some cases, they improve productivity, in others they make risky environments safer to work in, while there are those that wouldn’t be able to be consistent without having pinpoint control over the moisture levels in their productive environment.

Don’t believe me? Here are a few industries that simply couldn’t do without humidity control in their places of work.

Spas and Wellness Clinics

Many spas and wellness clinics offer treatments for the skin and muscles that make use of steam and heat. Steam-rooms and saunas make heavy use of humidifying equipment where above average humidity levels may be maintained around the clock.

Labs and Sterile Environments

Having fingertip control over humidity levels in the environment makes it easier to control the spread of possibly dangerous contaminants. Because of this, humidifiers and air cleaners are often an important part of laboratories and clean rooms where even the slightest contaminant could have dire effects on productivity and research.

Paper and Print

Anyone in the paper and print industry could tell you about the disastrous and possibly expensive effects that moisture can have on paper. Even the slightest bit can cause entire rolls of paper to warp and resize; which may result in a lot of waste.

That is why industries that manufacture or work with paper and paper products seek solutions to ensure that the levels of humidity in production and printing areas are constantly maintained at optimal levels.

Manufacturing Electronics

Moisture can result in poor production results wherever electronics are manufactured. It is no secret that water and circuitry are not the best of bed-fellows, so when working with them on mass, there is always a need for solutions which give factories complete control over the amount of moisture in the air.

The Production of Volatile Goods

Wherever flammable, combustible or otherwise volatile goods are produced, there is always a risk of ignition to materials from a variety of sources. Facing the same danger as electronics manufacturing, industries that produce flammable goods face a somewhat deadlier risk. High levels of moisture in the air could result in electro static on combustible materials, resulting in fires or explosions.

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Of course, these are just a handful of the industries that make use of humidifiers, and for each there is a specific type that is best suited to its application. If you would like to know more about how our company can assist your business by supplying it with humidifiers and dehumidifiers, contact Anstan Technologies Pretoria or visit our website for details.


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