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Benefits of air purifiers

All air purifiers work on a common concept, they clean the air around them and remove the contaminants, and then release clean fresh air for us to breathe. But what are these odours and contaminants, and how have they been able to get into your home?

Usual harmful particles in homes or office environments are dust, damp and mould, allergens such as pollen, second hand smoke and pet shedding. Furthermore, you constantly invite outside odours and pollutants into your home each time you open a window or door. These harmful specks are then trapped inside your home with you and will become part of the air that you and your love one's breathe.

When you breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, which is then used in photosynthesis in trees and plants and converted into clean oxygen again. In limited space, however, the carbon dioxide has nowhere to go and so the confined environment's carbon dioxide level becomes progressively undiluted. The same applies within your home or office. Any harmful contaminants in the air have practically no escape route, so you breathe them in.

Air purifiers also known as air cleaners are a solution to this air pollution problem our planet is experiencing. A different method would be to keep your windows and doors open to allow for total ventilation, but this is impractical and as it is pollution is a problem. So in the age of energy-efficient airtight high rise buildings, air cleaners have become an essential accessory for many residential and commercial buildings.

Basically speaking, the best ways to reduce any risk of contaminants in the air are simple common sense measures to battle the main sources of pollutants. Vacuum regularly and dust windowsill to prevent dust build up, smoke outside, take hygienic care of yourself and any animals you may have, and maintain a reasonable temperature.

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