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The Benefits of Salt-Free Water Softeners

The Benefits of Salt-Free Water Softeners

A salt-free water softener treats hard water without using salt. And unlike salt based systems which process soft water the traditional way, a salt-free water softener system can treat hard water using a variety of methods. But can we really trust these devices in dealing with our hard water problems? A salt-free water softener makes use of different technologies in treating hard water. Sometimes, these appliances are also referred as ‘conditioners’ and ‘descalers’ because they don’t necessarily remove the calcium and magnesium deposits in water (which are often considered as hard minerals) but they only change the chemical makeup of these substances so they won’t be able to cause scale build up in our bathroom fixtures and kitchen appliances.
Salt-free systems have been in use for quite some time now, but they were not as popular as the usual ion exchange devices because people were not very particular about the kind of process they use in producing soft water. The rise of salt-free devices in the mainstream market just came recently and it was caused by the high demand of the public for new and sustainable methods of water softening. As people became aware about the negative effects of having too much salt in our bodies, the use of salt-based softening units became a point of issue that some areas in the country imposed strict regulations on installing these devices at homes. And because of this development, some people turned to salt-less units in solving their hard water problems.


• No salt
Of course, you simply cannot mention this when you talk of salt-free systems. It’s basically their main purpose. They were invented to give consumers an alternative option for softening water. This is their main selling point regardless of the technology they use in producing soft water.

• No water softener waste
Another benefit you cannot afford to miss is the fact that you won’t have to deal with any waste that is normally produced by ion exchange softeners after every regeneration cycle. As we all know, some environmentally-conscious organizations do not recommend the use to salt-based water softener because the backwash brine can stress the septic system (which can also harm the environment). And since salt-free water softener systems produce zero waste, you won’t have to worry about your system from harming the eco-system in any way.

• Maintenance-free
Most salt-free systems are virtually maintenance free! There’s no salt to refill, there are no settings to adjust, and you won’t have to worry about any clean up!

• Save on operation cost
You can actually save money while using these devices at home since you don’t have to buy salt pellets on a monthly basis. Of course, some of these systems require electricity to operate, but rest assured you’ll be paying less than the usual since salt-free water softeners only requires minimal amount of electrical power in order to produce magnetic waves or electric pulses. And you can also save on space too since these devices don’t usually require a big area in your garage or basement in order to be installed.

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