Anstan Technologies Company Profile

Anstan Technologies CC is a Proudly South African company with over 25 years of experience in humidification and dehumidification, is committed to the manufacture of electrode and live steam humidifiers. Anstan also supplies electronic scale prevention unit’s as well as imported dehumidifiers and cold water fogging systems.

The first electrode humidifiers produced by Anstan were supplied to Adcor and installed at the Pretoria Art Museum in 1989, after 20 years they were replaced during the 2010 upgrade. Anstan’s company policy has always had an emphasis on research and development that has resulted in various improvements, innovations and new models. In 1990 Anstan invested in moulds for their large size steam generating tanks (bottles) followed by moulds for their medium size steam generating tanks (bottles) in 1991. Some four years later their small capacity models came onto the market.

For capacities above 40 kg/h units are manufactured with multiple steam generator tanks (bottles). Anstan’s involvement in the use of pumps has resulted in the present day models having exceptional scale handling capabilities. Models with capacities of 60kg or more have two pumps while those of 125kg and 150kg capacities have three pumps outperforming competitors.

Fan units are available for normally stand alone applications. Present models have stainless steel steam separators for capacities above 5 kg/h. High quality steam is discharged from the fan units resulting in excellent absorption and lightweight stainless steam dispersion tubes are also supplied for ducted systems.

All Anstan electrode humidifiers have steam generating tanks (bottles) that can be opened and cleaned. The steam generating tanks (bottles) have slip on stainless steel clips and soft silicon O-rings to afford quick servicing and long life sustainability

Since January 2000 all Anstan humidifiers have drain valves with robust 24 VDC coils with a 22 mm orifice on the PSA series, ensuring a high flow rate and good dirt handling capability which is another unique Anstan feature thus making control exceptionally good. In the event of a power failure (or switching the humidifier off) the “dirty” water is automatically discharged from the steam generating tanks (bottles) and the humidifier will immediately fill once the power is restored ensuring a smooth restart with no sudden power surge drawn by the humidifier.

Anstan humidifiers are noted for the low maintenance and long service life and Anstan also offers a wide range of spares and service agreements for humidifiers.

What makes the Anstan humidifier unique is that it is manufactured in South Africa with a more than 90% local content and in 2003 Anstan humidifiers are accredited with the Proudly South African mark.

A new addition to the Anstan portfolio is the JS cold water humidification “jet spray”. The nozzles are self cleaning and carry a 10 year warranty, rated as the best in the world. Compressed air types and high pressure systems are available. Water pumps are extremely quiet hermetically sealed piston types with a service life design of over 20 000 hours, with the oil level being the only maintenance requirement.


Models are available for smaller capacities. These are the mechanical/refrigeration type, available as portable, movable and permanently installed models Cotes adsorption type, employing the desiccant wheel method, have capacities from 8L /hr to 20L /hr. 


Our Vision

That all humidifiers supplied in South Africa will be Anstan electrode or live steam humidifiers by first choice, based on proven better performance, quality, workmanship service back-up and low maintenance cost.

Products with the right priorities!