Anstan Technologies is a proudly South African company, providing a broad spectrum of businesses and industries with industrial humidifiers.

With 30 years of experience, our knowledge on efficient humidification and its processes has grown exponentially. Research and development is very important to us.

Our goal of providing a top-quality product, with low cost, easy maintenance, and long service life, continues to guide us in all new innovations of our products. With this in mind, we have designed our humidifiers especially for the Southern African market which has resulted in significant improvements in humidification for our end users.

Electrode Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Anstan Technologies manufactures electrode humidifiers, as well as other humidification prod-ucts, helping to ensure the correct humidification output required, and maintain these levels accu-rately. We also supply a broad range of dehumidifiers suitable for both the industrial market, as well as for individual use.

A unique feature of our humidifiers is the Anstan 22mm large bore drain valve which helps to pre-vent the buildup of scale on the boilers.  This is a particularly effective component of our humidifi-ers. We also have openable, cleanable boilers/bottles extending their working life.
Our products are low maintenance, ensuring that downtime is kept to a minimum, and humidity re-quirements are met.  All critical spares needing replacement are readily available from our offices, and servicing of our units is offered in Gauteng and surrounding areas. We also offer a bottle ex-change system on our service contracts, thereby further reducing the downtime of the unit while maintenance is being carried out.

One such advantage to the systems which we supply is the fact that power outages do not affect them. Our systems are designed to shut down during an outage, ensuring surges do not affect the internal components.

The systems will also drain the “dirty” water after the power has come back on. It will then refill the system with clean water, so that the humidification is clean and beneficial.

This is great in the sense that you know that the air quality is being improved and maintained. Cleaner air will lead to an improved overall health for you and your employees.

We have always had the goal of supplying and creating humidifying systems which will work for you. Technology is meant to add to your life as opposed to taking away from it.

Our Vision

Our vision has always been simple one, to be the first choice in the supply of electrode humidifiers.


Our Product Range

Electrode Humidifiers

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