Anstan Technologies is a proudly South African company, providing businesses and individuals with industrial humidifi-ers.

We supply electrode humidifiers, as well as other humidification products and systems, helping to ensure the right level of humidity.

With 25 years of experience, our knowledge on efficient humidification and its processes has grown exponentially. Research and development is very important to us as the more you know, the easier it is to create.

One such system which we are proud to call our own is the Anstan Scale Prevention Unit, designed with high quality scale handling capabilities. Not only is it able to remove exacting scale from sur-faces, it is also able to prevent scale from forming in the first place.

Electrode Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Our products are low maintenance, ensuring that downtime is kept to a minimum, ensuring enough humidity in the air. With this, repairing is also relatively low, with parts needing to be replaced for the entire system to function.

We have always had the goal of supplying and creating humidifying systems which will work with you. Technology is meant to add to your life as opposed to taking away from it.

One such advantage to the systems which we supply is the fact that power outages do not affect them. Our systems are designed to shut down during an outage, ensuring surges do not affect the internal components.

The systems will also drain the “dirty” water after the power has come back on. It will then refill the system with clean water, so  that the humidification is clean and beneficial.

This is great in the sense that you know that the air quality is being improved, or maintained. Cleaner air will lead to an improved overall health for you and your employees.

Our Vision

Our vision has always been simple one, be the first choice in the supplying of electrode and live stream humidifiers.

Our Product Range

Electrode Humidifiers

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